Weather & Tides

Weather websites

Met Eireann Sea Area Forecast -

BBC Shipping Forecast -

Set up mobile access to wx info on your phone -

Weather charts (1-3 days) -

Weather charts (1-10 days) -

Weather buoys -

MagicSeaweed site -

WindGuru site -

Windfinder site --

XCWeather site -

Tide prediction websites

Easytide predictions (1-6 days) -

ISA primary port tidal data in PDF format -

PC software

GRIB files viewer - (requires free registration and install)

Saildocs GRIB files via email -

Android Apps

GRIB files viewing app for Android phones - (free and paid €4.99 version available)

Tide7 prediction app - (€1.68 covers UK and Ireland)

iPhone Apps